The Discovery Shoppe

About the Discovery Shoppe League, Inc.

In 1959 a group of concerned community women opened a thrift shop and started selling items that were donated by the group. The women saw a need for counseling services in the community. Some of the members were trained as counselors and worked in the community helping with family problems. Eventually the group became an auxiliary to the Family Service Association of Butte and Glenn counties, a non profit organization providing professional counseling for a small fee. This group came to be known as the Family Service League, and the thrift shop became the Discovery Shoppe. The proceeds from the shop were donated to the Family Service Association. These proceeds from sales were supplemented by monetary contributions, memorials, a bridge tournament and moving/estate sales.


The Discovery Shoppe has been in continuous operation since 1959, and has been in several different locations. In 1964 a small red house at 315 Flume St was purchased for approximately $14,000, and was fully paid off in three years. In the spring of 1973 it was determined the charming little house was too frail to be repaired and made fit for public use as a retail facility. The little house was then moved to 19th St and a new building was erected on the original site. Business during construction was conducted across the street at 330 Flume. The new building was completed and opened in December of 1973, no business days were lost.


The mortgage on the new building was fully paid in March of 1979. In 1991 the Family Service Association had financial problems and the shop was re-mortgaged to fund the Association. Unfortunately two years later the Family Service Association closed.

Members of the Discovery Shoppe realized the continuing need for funding for charities in the community. They reorganized to become their own non profit organization, with the intent to donate the profits to local charities. They assumed the existing mortgage, and then became known as The Discovery Shoppe League Inc.


They have been conducting business, with an all volunteer staff, on that site continuously since. The new mortgage was paid off in August of 2004.


The board of directors guides the corporation together with a designated charity committee, in support of philanthropic efforts in the community. Since the summer of 1996, the league has made charitable awards totaling more than $900,000.

When you shop at, or donate items to the Discovery Shoppe, you are participating  in

making our community a better place to live for all of us.