The Discovery Shoppe

About the Discovery Shoppe League, Inc.

In 1959 a group of women in the community opened a thrift shop selling donated items to fund local family counseling services.  Eventually, they became an auxiliary to the Family Service Association of Butte and Glenn Counties, a non-profit organization providing professional counseling for a small fee.  Named the Family Service League, and their shop, the Discovery Shoppe, they became an earning arm for Family Service Association.  

Unfortunately, the Association closed its doors in 1993.  The members of the Discovery Shoppe League recognized a continuing need for charitable funding in our community. Conducting business as usual, the Discovery Shoppe League, Inc., as they became known, financed the building and its contents and set about becoming a thriving business operating solely with volunteers.  The source of income for the Shoppe is profit from the sale of merchandise donated by people of the community. Volunteer members repair, clean, classify, price and display the merchandise for sale in the Discovery Shoppe.

The Discovery Shoppe has been in continuous operation since 1959.   Over the years we’ve been located in several different locations in town.  We have been at our location at 315 Flume Street in Chico since 1973.  Our building, on the corner of Flume St. and Third St. resembles a cottage and features a bright red door.  The Discovery shoppe donated $71,500 to community charities in 2015 bringing our total donations to local charities since the summer of 1996 to $916,000.

When you shop at, or donate items to the Discovery Shoppe, you are participating in making our community a better place to live for all of us.